New friend, Micky

Here’s a picture of Micky. He’s a SCWT too!


We met him and his human Kerry the other day. They might live too far away to visit very often but I hope I get to see him again sometime.


WIRED:What a Border Collie Taught a Linguist About Language

Check out this great article I read on WIRED:The whistles that a shepherd uses to command her dog sound a whole lot like human language.

I find the concept of two different species cooperating to achieve a higher goal fascinating. Now if I can just get them to understand.

So excited to see snow again

We stopped at Wolf Creek Ski Area. Even though it was closed the gate was open and we pulled up to this huge hill side of SNOW! It feels so good on my feet and I got to run as fast as I could back and forth along the whole length of it. It was so awesome!

T-shirt time

I kept scratching my side so much they had to put a t-shirt on to make me stop. Seems to be working. It’s like a calming effect. Haven’t scratched since putting it on. I didn’t mind them putting it on but I’m not sure about it. They say I’m brooding but it’s ok as long as I’m not scratching. Dad thinks he got it started because he combed me too aggressively. Sort of like priming the itching pump and once flowing it’s too hard for me to stop.