Too early

The humans are up drinking coffee and it’s only 7:00. I’m not getting out of bed yet and Henry can sleep on the ground if he wants.
We’re near a place called Telluride where we took a ride on a thing called a gondola. It was ok. I don’t get what the big deal is about “the colors and the foliage”. I’ll play along though since we’re getting really good food on this trip. Something called hot dogs.


Lazy morning

I love this couch. I can see squirrels in the backyard from here. Today I just want to chill.

Hiking fun

We went on a cool hike yesterday up to this lake. They call it Waterdog Lake and I got in a lot of water along the way. But the real fun was digging this really deep hole when we stopped for lunch. I got in the lake one more time before we left to get a drink of water and a short swim. All the dirt came off and Susan was really happy!