Vet Visit and Trip Prep

IMG_1626Last Saturday, Tony the groomer at Gone to the Dogs expressed my glands. He recommended taking me to the Vet cuz there was some discoloration. So today they took me to see my regular vet, Dr. Kit Ryff over at Mt. Shadows Veterinary Clinic. Doc Kit checked me out, expressed me some more and said yep I had an infection so he gave me a cortizone shot and an antibiotic. While we were there they asked him if we should be concerned with traveling with me to California. He looked over my paper work and I ended up getting two more shots and some nose drops! One was a Rabies booster, another was a DHLP-Paro-Coronavirus and the nose drops were Bordetella 3-Way Intranasal. Then he recommended flea and tick drops. He thought the kind they advertise on TV was good (forget the name). We went to Murdocks and got the K9 advantix II. They are drops that last up to a month per treatment (there’s four in the box). Well hopefully I won’t get any fleas and ticks on the way. And now I’m vacinated against kennel cough just in case I have to spend some time in a boarding house. Doc Kit said that when we get back I’m supposed to get treated for Heartworm. He said ya gotta wait until I might actually have it before getting treated for it. Whew. I’m just glad my butt has stopped itching.

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