T-shirt time

I kept scratching my side so much they had to put a t-shirt on to make me stop. Seems to be working. It’s like a calming effect. Haven’t scratched since putting it on. I didn’t mind them putting it on but I’m not sure about it. They say I’m brooding but it’s ok as long as I’m not scratching. Dad thinks he got it started because he combed me too aggressively. Sort of like priming the itching pump and once flowing it’s too hard for me to stop.

Bath time

They took me to this place and gave me a bath today. Guess all this traveling makes me smell funny and itch too much. Feel much better now.

Ptarmigan Lake

We went hiking up to Ptarmigan Lake today up on Cottonwood Pass. Whew it was hard. More than 6 miles round trip according to their mileage meters. It’s ok. I just stuck right with them and we made it back fine.